UEFA 2020 Romania

The 2020 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA Euro 2020 or simply Euro 2020, was the 16th UEFA European Championship, the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Europe organized by the Union of European Football Associations. Alongside other nations, Romania was chosen as a host city.

We were assigned to take care of their outdoor communication in Romania by producing and mounting 310 pole flags, 35 airport flags, several meshes, a-frames and billboards, underground signage.

As with most events, thousands of promotional products were carefully chosen and branded by us according to UEFA standards such as: umbrellas, soccer balls, keychains, t-shirts, caps, inflatable cheering sticks clappers, bags, name tags and a lot more.

Fan engagement was also something we took care of; for us it was always more than just a way to get fans to attend to UEFA 2020 sporting events and games.
It’s an intentional process of getting fans to actively participate in all things that are related to this event because this increases the value of the brand in the fan’s mind.

Bearing that in mind – our team of photographers took some 25.000 fan pictures in the 4 tents decorated and prepared for this event by us, and turned them into free memories (magnets) that were given to each group/family, we distributed giveaways to all participants in the UEFA 2020 events.

Busses were not forgotten. 35 of them got our special treatment and roamed the city for months.