Welcome Kits and More

When it’s time to welcome a new hire to the team, employee welcome kits are the first opportunity to make good on all those nice things you said about your business during the hiring process. But more importantly, it’s a creative way to make new hires feel at home.

This makes them feel comfortable and ensures they’re well-equipped to take on the new role. It doesn’t take extravagant perks or some mind-blowing presentation to get them to feel this way.

Our work with Accenture started more than 10 years ago and since than we produced and imprinted countless of items for them such as pens, notebooks, mugs, backpacks and the list goes on.

We received great feedback and are happy to say that each delivery came as a sweet surprise. Whether it’s a prospecting campaign, a thoughtful welcome back gift, or a recognition initiative for the ones who matter to you, think of the Promolino team when getting started on your next project.